Sometimes weighers are just not accurate enough to be sure! Then you need to count. For example if the individual product weight varies or if you have a small number of products per batch, for example 4 in a variety pack, you need to count to be sure! QEF is specialized in the engineering of counting macines that can count anything!


Fast counting

Speed is everything in your production, our counting machines are suited for your needs. Single heads or twin executions, we build them to your needs.


High speed

The twin version of the C4 counting machine incorporates two independent machines built into one frame. They only share the electrical cabinet. The operation can be independent from each other. This adds extra security to an already rigid system and doubles the speed.



Our Counting machines are built to IP54 standards. As we build all our machines in stainless steel, we also accommodate IP65 or IP69 standards for an aseptic/heavy duty environment as an economical option.



The frame is customized to your needs, in height and width, as well as to your product feeding requirements.


Central control

For production lines with multiple machines we offer a central control system with full functionality for each machine.


Product transport

We are happy to provide you with all kinds of product transport systems to and from our counting machines. Whether these are transport belts, container transport systems or the like, we are equipped to offer you complete solutions.


All kinds of products

Whatever the nature of your product, as long as it does not interlock with each other, we can count it.