QEF develops ultramodern, multifunctional computer vision technology for both food and non-food business sectors.


Computer Vision

QEF develops hyper-intelligent camera control systems for computer vision applications. Our Computer Vision systems are implemented worldwide in advanced couverting, mailing, printing and sorting machines and are also used in various other branches of industry, including the food sector.



Sorting lines

QEF develops advanced sorting lines for the mailing industry and libraries, among others.


Computer Vision Food

FoodQEF develops highly innovative computer vision systems for the food sector. Unique is, for example, our revolutionary vision technology that detects the position of a sphere in the machine and gives a signal to the robot to properly position the sphere. This makes peeling and peeling much more efficient and results in considerable cost savings.


Electronic locks

FoodThe Ubilock locker systems also incorporate high-quality electronics from QEF.


Track and trace

FoodOur track and trace systems are used not only for cutting, sorting and printing, but also for monitoring and processing of text documents in general.



FoodThe IntelliModule is a camera system and a reinforcement of the CE-certified IntelliMatch. Unlike its predecessor, it is not only used for enveloping, sorting and printing, but also for checking and processing text documents in general.


Leveling systems

leveling-systemsQEF electronics develops innovative solutions for their professional level systems for motorhomes and caravans. This hydraulic level system ensures that motorhomes and caravans are level with 1 push of a button. Within a snap you can therefore be on your way to the next destination.